• The presentation in the oral sessions will last 10 minutes each. After that, there will be a debate considering the theme of the session, common points, and new considerations about the articles. The presentation session will last 90 minutes in total (1 hour and a half).
  • Each oral presentation session will have up to 4 scheduled works. It is recommended that the presentations follow the presentation order in which they appear in the schedule.
  •  The presence of at least one paper author (presenting author) is mandatory in the presentation session, who must be duly registered in the event. Only the authors and users registered for the event will have access to the presentation sessions.
  • We kindly request the presenting author be in the virtual room 10 minutes in advance for the preparation of the presentation, in order to avoid delays.
  • It is recommended the use of a template to prepare the slides for the oral presentations, as well as the use of a background screen, which can be accessed at:
  • We recommend that the authors/presenters and other participants of the oral sessions previously read the other works of the session, so that they can participate in the discussions and make contributions to the other authors’ works, after the closing of the presentations.
Important notes for presenters:
  • Registration is individual and non-transferable.
  • The user participation will be identified through our system access.
  • The online presentations in oral sessions must be made according to the scientific articles approved in this modality (as per definition of the organizing committee) and according to the projects of the Master and Doctoral consortia.
  • The presentation certificate will contain the work and authorship information. The authors who registered for the event, who were present at the virtual session, and who performed the presentation of the works, will be identified in the certificate.
General provisions:
  1. Compatibility test – A previous system compatibility test for the browser and equipment performances is recommended, as a way to ensure the author’s participation. To perform the test, please access:
  2. Equipment – It is advisable that the authors try the access through a computer and that they have more than one equipment as an alternative to the access. It is not possible to foresee some connection and functionality problems due to equipment and networks.
  3. Link Test – Test the session link in advance. The link will be open 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the sessions. During that time, the authors will be able to correct any unexpected problems.
  4. Moderations – Sessions will have a moderator and an assistant. The moderator will be responsible for the session organization.
  5. Presentations – It is recommended that the authors leave their presentation open on their desktops or other equipment. This will make the process easier at the time of your presentation and on-screen sharing.
  6. Avoid system overload – Use few windows/tabs in your browser and leave few programs/applications open on your device to make it easier to share your screen during your presentation, and also to avoid any system overload.
  7. Identification – Identify yourself to the session moderator or assistant early on, indicating that you are present and which work belongs to you.
  8. Activations on the Zoom Platform – Open your microphone and your video and share your presentation screen with the help of an assistant. It is recommended that all microphones are disabled during the presentation of the other participants.
  9. Time – Watch your time so that you do not exceed it (10 min). The moderator will inform you when 3 minutes remain. When your presentation is finished, please interrupt your screen sharing signal moderator to proceed.
  10. Questions and Answers – The moderator will lead the discussions indicating the questions posted in the chat or giving the right of speech to participants.
  11. Available works – As from 11/16, the works presented at the event, as well as the schedule, will be available in the system as soon as you login.
  12. We kindly suggest that you use the event’s official virtual background. You can download it at:
We wish you all an excellent event!